Consita stands for - Consulting for IT Applications - we apply Information Technology to real-world applications, mainly in the area of logistics, and there to warehousing and distribution. 

Our company

We are an internationally operating group of consultants, specialists in our respective areas of interest. Some of us have been consulting on a freelance basis for many years. The need for ever more specialisation and the realisation, that we cannot do everything well at the same time have led us to pool our ressources, both in the interest of our clients and to enable us to spread our activities into areas where we, and you, benefit from the years of friendly cooperation with others in the group. 

Our services

We assist organisations, companies and institutions, in improving their organisational processes, managing their projects and finding solutions to problems where our view as independant external advisors, often lead to a solution that was hidden behind the proverbial "dark glasses". 

Our expertise

We do not claim to be specialists in every area of corporate expertise, but we do claim to be specialists in the areas - Logistics - Warehousing - Stock Control - Supply Chain Optimisation - Purchasing - and related areas, where we have many years of experience in quite different types of organisations - Manufacturing - Trade - Export - Public Services - Hospitals - and in a variety of industries - Machinery - Electronics - Wholesale - Retail - Books & Media - Health - Pharmaceuticals - Food & Beverage - and others. 

Our locations

We have managed and worked on projects in - England - Germany - France - Netherlands - South Africa - New Zealand - Australia - China - Italy - Austria - Switzerland and other countries, although our main base is the european continent. We speak English, German, Dutch, Afrikaans, Spanish and Italian, fluently although not every member in the group is quite as fluent as some. 

Our solutions

Have a look at our services for more information. Generally speaking, we manage and work on projects where you may find it cheaper and more efficient to get help from outside than to try it alone. We are wholly independant from any software or hardware supplier and often save our clients considerable effort, just because we have done it many times before, and often easily cover our expenses by the costs we save for you. 
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